Stage de néerlandais en immersion obligatoire

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It is essential to take the time to read the following registration conditions before registering your young person.

has. Respect for everyone’s work and the basic principle

1. The management team ensures that the intern has a fulfilling and enjoyable vacation while making it useful and enriching.

2. For this, only the target language is used by everyone on the course. This instruction is valid for each person present on the course.

3. The first two days of the young person’s learning, we tolerate « reflexes », linguistic deviations in the mother tongue, only if these are of an exceptional nature.

4. From the moment concrete facts demonstrating bad will on the part of the young person are reported by several officials, he is sent to the Director and, depending on the seriousness of his deviations or the Director’s perception of the degree motivation of the intern, it is possible that parents will be contacted in order to remind their child of the benefits of their presence in the internship and, de facto, of the clauses of this contract.

5. For the well-being of other young people who are motivated, the parents who give us their trust and the supervisory team, the dismissal of the trainee, who does not accept our principles, will be considered, even applied. We also count on the encouragement of parents towards their child.

6. Furthermore, to facilitate learning their new language, the trainee avoids taking with them any written material that could evoke their mother tongue: dictionary (choose an image dictionary instead), comic strip or T-shirt with long inscriptions in French. The same goes for hearing aids: No music players (CD, cassettes, radio, MP3) or electronic games and other means of communication are permitted.

7. All these rules pursue a single objective: total and complete immersion of the trainee. That said, the trainee will see that we are sufficiently dedicated to his service so that these principles are experienced other than as constraints; he will thus learn that it is possible to flourish and have fun in a foreign language without having to use all these objects.

b. Respect for oneself, others and material: Group life

1. In addition to respecting linguistic principles, trainees will ensure that they adopt behaviors that lead them to open up to others, both to fellow students and to linguistic facilitators.

2. During an internship, the intern learns life in a group.

3. The facilitators as well as the management team are there to reassure and encourage them everywhere and at all times.

4. The trainee respects the equipment made available to him during the course. In the event that he is found responsible for significant damage, his parents’ family insurance will be called upon.

5. Taking illicit substances or consuming alcohol is prohibited. In this specific case, dismissal from the internship is immediate.

6. After lights out, around 10:00 p.m., or even later during special circumstances (boom, cinema, etc.), the trainee is prohibited from walking in the corridors or the grounds.

7. The schedule as communicated on the site must be respected by everyone. During the course, it is the responsible instructor who ensures that everyone respects the schedule.

J'ai lu les conditions et en accepte les termes.