Stage de néerlandais en immersion obligatoire

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ABCzaam asbl organizes effective Dutch courses for young people aged 11 to 16, in complete and compulsory immersion, during school holidays.

During the carnival holidays, spring and autumn, the Irish courses take place in Saint-Hubert in the Belgian Ardennes. You will find below and here

During the summer holidays,  In these two areas, we will find large wooded areas. The two boarding schools, as well as the schools, offer spacious sports facilities: gym, sports hall, tennis courts, basketball courts, etc. The rooms are individual.  In the summer, in Genk, the students have, depending on the circumstances, one or two outings in town: visits, market, concert, etc. As well as a visit and discovery of the provincial domain of Bokrijk.

In Saint-Hubert, we favor activities in the forest and “adventure” type activities (paintball, kayaking, mountain biking, caving, tree climbing, etc.); as well as horse riding.

Internship periods Prix Places restantes
From Sun. Feb. 25 to Sat. March 2, 2024 Saint-Hubert € 635 Finished
From Sun. April 28 to Sat. May 4, 2024 Saint-Hubert € 635 5 places
From Sun. 7 to Sun. 14 July 2024 GENK € 655 14 places
From Sun. 14 to Sun. 21 July 2024 GENK € 655 16 places
From Sun. 7 to Sun. 21 July 2024 GENK € 985 Complete
From Sat. Oct. 27 to Sat. Nov. 02, 2024 Saint-Hubert € 665 29 places

Photos of the Dutch courses in Genk

Activité sportive

Les cuisines et sa cuisinière

Sports activity

chambre d'internat-onze-lieve2023

Single bedroom

Etage-chambre d'internat-onze-lieve2023

Boarding school corridor

chambre d'internat-onze-lieve2023

Single bedroom

Visit and discovery of Bokrijk

Memory of the end of a sporting activity

Photos of the Dutch courses in Saint-Hubert

Stage de néerlandais à saint-Hubert

At a casino night

Paint-ball *

Piscine de Saint-Hubert stage de langue


Single bedroom

Forest activities

End of a big game in the forest

Memory of pretty landscape

Morning sport

* Ces deux photos ne sont pas contractuelle. Nous n’avons pas encore pensé à prendre des photos lors de ces activités.